Phantom Overview



An enigmatic organization shrouded in shadows. To the public, Phantom is known as a research group that is the foremost authority on research of 'the Shift', a cataclysmic event that caused new elements to appear on Earth in 50's. Unbeknownst to most, they already figured out how the Shift occurred a long time ago, and are using it's knowledge to pursue currently unknown objectives using whatever means necessary, such as employing it's own clandestine military forces. Exact objectives, purposes and functions of the various parts of the organization as well as their overall command hierarchy remains unknown to anyone outside the group itself, although it is speculated that the commander of Phantom-aligned military forces who uses callsign 'Vitriol' might be the one in charge of their operation.

Phantom military forces utilize very high-tech weapons and equipment such as particle beam and plasma weapons and hover repulsion and nanomachine technology to prevail in combat. Their most powerful tools rely on the very essence of their ambitions, the peculiar phenomenon that Phantom has come to refer as Exolis and harness to warp the fabric of reality, allowing such things as teleportation, powerful distortion fields that slow down the enemy as well as making their own forces invisible. Although Phantom forces are very powerful, fast and mobile - they do lack in endurance and versatility, relying on their special tactics and firepower advantage to survive in direct encounters.


  • Emphasis on fast, mobile, low armor units with very high damage potential.
  • Role-specialized weapons, distortion fields that slow enemy units and stealth tactics.
  • Wide range of support powers from deploying helpful nodes across the battlefield to teleporting your units or making them temporarily more powerful.