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Dominion Information

Eurasian Dominion faction logo.


  • Year Formed: 1984
  • Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
  • Leadership: President Sevastyan Biryukov
  • Controlled Territories: Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia
  • Purpose: Establishing permanent order in the world that has been thrown into chaos by emergence of previously unimaginable technologies

A new regime installed on top of the ruins of the Soviet Union in 1984 - following the first Resource War, as a result of a coup staged by a group from within the former Soviet military led by General Sevastyan Biryukov. Such an audacious feat as taking over an entire country, not to mention a former superpower was accomplished by the aid of technology, developed in secret by a research bureau under Biruykov's supervision. Called Dominus, it allows one to influence the thoughts of other people, effectively a form of remote brainwashing or mind control. Biruykov's plan was to create a regime that could truly bring order to the world, to prevent it from falling into the chaos of war once again, mere moments away from total annihilation. In the years following, their aggressive expansion campaigns along with the ever-increasing competition for the rare elements introduced by the Shift eventually kickstarted a conflict with the member nations of the Western Coalition, the second Resource War, that continues to this very day.

Eurasian Dominion exerts its impressive military power through its unmatched armor divisions, using heavily armored forces, weapons of large-scale destruction and area-denial tactics to crush any opposition. A prominent aspect of Dominion military doctrine involves causing disarray within enemy ranks, accomplished by the use of the Dominus technology to control and misdirect their enemies. While Eurasian Dominion forces exemplify the raw military might of a modern superpower, their vehicles tend to be on the slow-moving side allowing faster combatants to potentially overwhelm them.

Key Characteristics

  • Very damage-resistant, but slow-moving army.
  • Weapons with large area of effect and units that explode upon death or destruction.
  • Disruption tactics as support, such as mind controlling enemies or making them go berserk.

Arsenal Overview


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Support Powers & Superweapons

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