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Project Phantom is a free, non-profit game modification project for Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge. It has been made possible by the work of the developers, other contributors and the modding community, often done in their spare time. If you think you'd have ability or skills to help the project grow even bigger and better, you'd be more than welcome to join this group of contributors. One-off contributions are also welcome for most of the positions.

Available Positions

Graphics Artists

General graphics design such as promotional artwork and concept drawings.

3D Artists

Creation of objects in 3D modeling software. Mostly structures and environmental objects. While capability to texture, animate and convert to the file formats used by the game would be helpful, none of those are an absolute requirement. Being able to design structures based on descriptions and/or reference art would be a major plus.

Infantry Artists

A specialized 2D and/or 3D artist. Would require knowledge on how to create C&C-style sprite infantry via either 2D graphics design methods, or much more preferrably, 3D modeling and rendering. This would entail creating new, more appropriate models for current infantry units and infantry models in potential future expansions.

Voxel Artists

A specialized graphics designer working with the Voxel Section Editor to create the pseudo-3D models used by the game for most vehicles and aircraft. At current stage of development this would mostly entail creating new models for units that could potentially do with a facelift, remastering civilian / neutral assets and potential future expansions.

Map Designers

Making maps for the game, created with FinalAlert 2 or World Altering Editor map editor. More skirmish / multiplayer maps are always welcome, and there are plans to include cooperative and singleplayer missions as well as vs. AI challenge maps, so more help with those would be gladly accepted as well, especially from people capable of scripting maps.

Music Composers

It would be particularly awesome, if one day Project Phantom had it's own custom-made soundtrack. To help make this happen, help from talented music composers would be appreciated.

If you can think you can contribute to Project Phantom in some other way, please contact us.

To get in contact, please send a mail to or check this page for further means to reach out to Project Phantom developers. Contributors get access to the internal beta / testing versions of the modification.