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Phantom Information

Phantom faction logo.


  • Year Formed: Unknown
  • Headquarters: Unknown
  • Leadership: Unknown
  • Controlled Territories: Unknown
  • Purpose: Unknown

An enigmatic paramilitary group that appears to bear no allegiance to any nation of the world. The exact nature, origins and goals of this organization remain shrouded to practically everyone, even to the most competent of intelligence agencies, leaving many who might have an inkling in the first place to doubt its very existence, and the rest who still believe branded as conspiracy theorists. Phantom works towards their inscrutable objectives from the shadows, utilizing resources and connections across the globe, especially those within the world's dark underbelly. Their greatest asset by far, however, is their access to technology that even the mightiest nations of the Earth can only imagine of - the kind of technology that allows them to harness powers that defy the laws of reality itself. While Phantom's role in the ongoing conflict between the world's superpowers has not yet become clear, it would be foolish to assume that they do not have a stake in all of it. There almost certainly is a plan - and when all of the pieces fall into their places, there might yet come a time for Phantom to emerge from the shadows...

Although the immense scientific prowess puts Phantom leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else in terms of technological advantage, it does not have the same sort of military might or manpower as the dominant superpowers of the world, and their advanced technology often comes at a significant expense. For that reason, subterfuge is often their preferred tactic to even out the odds. Make no mistake, should Phantom's more deceptive stratagems utilizing their stealth camouflage and teleportation technology fail, their military forces will still be able to annihilate enemies in a direct confrontation using specialized, cutting-edge directed-energy weapons and weaponized nanomachines. What they lack in endurance and versatility, they make up in mobility and raw firepower.

Key Characteristics

  • Fast and mobile forces, but also weakly armored and expensive.
  • Powerful, albeit specialized weapons, often combined with various unusual effects like healing your own units.
  • Unit cloaking & teleportation and ability to deploy helpful nodes across the battlefield.

Arsenal Overview


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Support Powers & Superweapons

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